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Domine Trio: Sacred Music and Religion

The linking between music and religion is ancient and universal. It was in the religious activity that music founded to herself. From her, emerged her science, developped her technique, realized her ability, expanded her expression, her transcendent strength became apparent and her beauty was impregnated with an eternal meaning.

Religion and music have a lot of natural affinities. Both express the sensation that the man has a spiritual meaning of univers, the man’s spiritual life, and it refers not to sight or temporal things, but to imagined and eternal ones. And more the character is elevated, more is the mix of the essence.
Because if religion is the primary and most necessary activityof human spirit, and music is the most complete expressionof human spirit, greatest is the music, more religious must be.
The holy music is the one capable to redeem man to God. The religious music, instead, pretends to link the different members of a community to cult or divine praise.
John Paul II says: “ Precisely because the sound is fitted with a particular strength of spirit acuteness, music must be considered like a way to ennoble man and favour his best abilities…Because of that is necessary that each other could accede to musical art, either to dedicate to it with professional effort or to taste its ineffable richness”

The instrument more played in the national or world-wide ambit is the guitar, and through her a poor child or the most outstanding scientist, or a dealer or a workman can accede to musical art, as the guitar is in the mood and the heart of all the argentines.

Since the creation of the National Anthem, this precious instrument has always been in Argentina union, over war ideas or politic association groups, we could heard its verses with a deep emotion, sang by a “gaucho”, an Indian, a nigger or a half-caste, even till the distant cities or the remote country-side. It was sung with spirit and, as always, assisted by a guitar.

Domine Trio has realized a meticulous adaptation of a totally unpublished material for guitar, religious pieces and in particular sacred of the greatest composers from all the times, making a hudge effort to distinguish the music God likes and the one He doesn’t.

Through theirs strings, Domine Trio gets the qualities of solemnity and stately, able to stir up feelings of praise, imploration,, joy, love, confidence and peace.

During centuries, musical instruments were prohibited during the liturgy, even the organ till the XV century, had big difficulties to be accepted. It was thought that its presence evoked the pagan parties of the society.

Nowadays the Constiution about Sacred Liturgy opened its way to all kind of musical instruments. The sacred music is a gift from God to men that needs to be cultivated by the intelligence, so waking through the way of art, gets richness and makes beautiful harmonies.

In the New Testament, Saint Paul writes to Efeso’s people: “ Sing and play for the Lord, from the depth of your heart” ( Ef 5, 19).


Lic. Daniel Cabrio

Copyright 2004 ®