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Walter Fida - Daniel Cabrio - Guillermo Castillo


Domine Guitar Trio

The Domine Guitar Trio was founded in 2003 by the musicians Daniel Cabrio, Walter Fida and Diego Liotto.

The members of this trio graduated from the Argentine Music Conservatory “Carlos López Buchardo”, the Provincial Conservatory of Morón “Alberto Ginastera”, and the Municipal Conservatory “Manuel de Falla”.

They learned from superb guitar celebrities, teachers of the status of Monina Távora, Jorge Martínez Zárate, María Isabel Siewers, Emilio Colombo and Daniel Küper.

They currently work as guitar teachers in official institutes, such as, the Conservatory of the City of Buenos Aires, the Conservatory “Alberto Ginastera”, the School of Music “Juan Pedro Esnaola”, the School of Arts “Leopoldo Marechal”, and the Schools of Music No. 6 DE: 13 and No. 4 DE:19.

The repertoire of the Domine Guitar Trio was developed by Mr. Daniel Cabrio, who made the arrangements by using different music styles (classical, sacral, Argentine, tango, Spanish, Italian, Latin American, carols, etc.), always being faithful to the original versions. The transcriptions of sacral music are worth highlighting, since the guitar repertoires, both originals and arrangements, on this theme are scarce. Due to this, parsons often require the trio to take part in concert series, masses, weddings and celebrations in Cathedrals, Basilicas and Parish Churches. The Domine Guitar Trio is a worldwide pioneer in the performance of religious-sacral music as a guitar trio, paving the wave for this instrument, which has been unknown so far.

The Domine Guitar Trio has given concerts in the most well-known Cathedrals, Basilicas and Parish Churches of Argentina, as well as in companies, institutions, embassies, museums, residences, congresses and exhibitions.

They were invited to take part in the XII International Festival of Culture of Sucre, Bolivia, sponsored by the Office of Culture of the Municipality of the City of Buenos Aires, and to Managua by the Nicaraguan Association of Christian Theologians (“Asociación Nicaragüense de Teólogos Cristianos” – A.N.T.E.).

They also performed in “Nostra Aetate” to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Declaration on the Relationship of the Church with the non-Christian religions of the Vatican Council.

The friendship developed by the members of this trio and their deep conviction that the promotion of the values of different cultures worldwide results in the enhancement of humanity, led them to create the “Domine Cultural” Journal – – a monthly publication distributed in all the newspaper and magazine stands of Argentina, with the sponsorship of the Office of Culture of the Municipality of the City of Buenos Aires and the Office of Culture of Mar del Plata. Nowadays, “Domine Cultural” has a staff of contributors from 13 countries.

Lic. Daniel Cabrio

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