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Domine Trio And The Christian art

Christian church always wants for God “ the adoration in spirit and in truth”. Christianity is essentially life, life of God into us. Not all the art made by Christians is christian, either the Christian subject, even if we add the Christian finality to the piece, it’s not enough to give the existence to a Christian art. All around a Christian subject, the art doesn’t reach to a Christian aspiration. Who really does a favour to art and Christianity is the artist, who cares to be real and completely Christian , to live a Christian life all his life ( not only in his art), the one who expresses the beauty of misteries with humility and faith, who lives and has the experience in his soul, illuminated with chritianity. In this case, his work will be a genuine evidence of his art and his Christian life at the same time, or better, in his Christian life in the activity and piece of art.

Domine Trio integrals: Daniel cabrio, Walter Fida and Diego Liotto, is looking for an expression of a repertoire, carefully selected, a soul condition like the one who inspired it, to give to their fellows. Using the best music as possible and, on the best way as possible, their purpose is to purify and change all their lives in Christianity, and with her the source of inspiration, creating in this way a focus that gives love to all human beings; giving with expressive and impressive beauty an adoration to God by men.

Every genuine art has the sensibility, a reactive and tonic effect, increases the energy, augments the strength, accelerates the fonctionnel rhythm, turn on the soul to joy, at last, the feeling of an increased strength. The religious music, must be put to serv to a significant purpose: to link soul to spiritual reality, and exalt for over the Earth, to the infinit sky, to the sacred. We must not skimp efforts and costs in this offering of praise, because in her the sacrifice and the labour transmute into soul and being, saved, cured. It says: “ I’ll never offer to The Lord, my God, nothing that didn’t cost me a thing”


Lic. Daniel Cabrio


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